Remote CCTV monitoring services

Supercharge your business security by letting FDS watch your CCTV cameras for you.

Observing the contents of your cameras’ footage is as important as setting up the security system. However, we know hiring an in-house security team is a tedious and costly process. That’s where FDS comes into play! At FDS, we provide excellent remote CCTV monitoring services, meaning we will observe through your cameras and put you on alert whenever there’s something wrong. FDS’s team consists of security officers with years of experience in finding out suspicious activity. That means our professionals will notice even the slightest mishaps and report them to you immediately.

Video Surveillance and Monitoring

Upon your request, we can set up your video surveillance and monitoring system in no time. We monitor and analyze what’s going on in your workspace’s sensitive corners, and report every suspicion before it gets to you.

Trained Technical Staff

Our security team has years of experience in monitoring CCTV cameras and knows exactly what to look for. Plus, the team has all the legal and ethical training to effectively deal with sensitive situations like security breaches.

Quality-Controlled Surveillance

We dedicate a security administrator to your business’s wellbeing. He takes charge of and governs every activity related to your building’s security. Staff shifts are shuffled regularly to ensure every professional is working at their peak performance.

Detailed Reports

We record and store all the footage coming from your security cameras 24/7. That means even if someone manages to sneak past in, we can capture the culprit later on. The recorded footage has all the necessary info needed for such tasks, as timestamps, camera signatures, and locations.

Our Rremote CCTV Monitoring Services Can Be Used To Monitor

Private Properties

Construction Sites

Commercial Properties

Parking Areas

Vacant Properties


Mobile Towers


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