Pre Low Voltage wiring new construction specialists

Prewire your building during construction for Security Cameras System, Access Control, Intercom, Network data, Telephone, Wi-Fi access, HD Video & Audio systems, and computer networking systems.

Structurally wiring your building is a tedious task, especially if you don’t have a professional backing you up! It’s better to plan your building’s wiring and deploy infrastructure while it’s being constructed. It saves you from a lot of organizational challenges later on. Here at FDS, we have acquired a California State C-7 (Low Voltage) permit, letting us legally structure and wire buildings during construction. We pride ourselves on our years of experience in developing prewired solutions for public and private buildings. Doesn’t matter if your building is a residential apartment or corporate workspace, we can prewire it.

Low Voltage Wiring Solution to Power it All!

Low voltage wiring is a modern solution to thriving businesses’ tech needs. It powers everything from your telephone to WiFi access, security cameras to access control systems, networking infrastructure to video calling, and so much more. Low voltage wiring is harder to work with when compared to traditional wiring. That’s why you must never rely on unprofessional, non-certified individuals to do this job. Want to learn more about our capabilities or get a quote? Send an inquiry by clicking here.

What is Low Voltage Wiring Used for?

Security Camera Systems


Network Data

Network Data

Access Control


Cable for V&A Systems

Networking Systems

Pre low voltage wiring specialists in Orange County

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We Specialize In:

Copper Cable Installations

Fiber Optic Cable Installations

Coaxial Cable Installations

Backbone Distribution Systems

Data Center Build-Outs

Horizontal Distribution Systems

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