Take your temperature measurement capabilities to the next level with our mid-tier thermal camera

As the spread of COVID-19 becomes a widespread threat, it’s now more important than ever to take preventive measures. 

Our mid-tier thermal cameras offer the same functionality as our low-end option but are much better in terms of efficiency and reliability. 

Be noted that our thermal cameras are not intended for use as a medical instrument. They can’t be used to diagnose or treat humans. However, these are handy gadgets that can be used to screen individuals with elevated temperatures from entering your house or workspace. 

Why Use FDS’s Thermal Camera?

High Accuracy

Our thermal cameras measure with an accuracy of ±3℃.

Quick And Easy

Measure temperatures with high efficiency. 

Contactless Measurements

Measure temperatures from a safe distance. 

Face Mask Detection

Detect face masks with an accuracy of up to 95%

Multi-Targeted Measurements

Measure temperatures of up to 35 individuals simultaneously. 

In a Nutshell

Measure temperatures with high accuracy

No need for physical contacts

Measure temperatures of multiple people at once

Get alerted when abnormal temperatures are detected