We Install & Monitor Security Camera Systems in Orange County

At FDS – Security Cameras Installation Orange County, we incorporate the latest technologies and modern practices into our business processes. As a reputed security camera system installation firm, we pride ourselves on developing state-of-the-art solutions for our customers.

We take charge of everything — including planning, installation, maintenance, and monitoring. If you need some professional pairs of eyes to monitor everything through your installed security system, we can handle that as well!

All of our solutions come with in-house products and tailored procedures, making sure every customer gets exactly what they need to enhance their security. 

Our Services

CCTV Installation & Service

We develop and install tailored CCTV security systems for your needs. Our team of experts will be there to back you up whenever you need assistance with your system.

Intercom Installation & Repair

Looking for a radio establishment master? We got you covered. We install, maintain, and service top-notch intercom systems in Orange County & surrounding areas. 

Door Access Control Systems

We keep your intruders away by setting up industry-leading door access control systems. With the help of door access control system, you can control visitor’s movement at your premises.

Low Voltage Pre Wiring

We prewire your building during construction — so you have a ready-to-go infrastructure while installing security systems & other low voltage equipment later on. 

Remote CCTV Monitoring Services

We value your business’s or private home’s security — that’s why we strive to keep every threat away through our remote CCTV monitoring services. 

Structured Cabling

We design and implement a scalable cabling infrastructure that works perfectly for your business needs across Orange County & surrounding areas.

Why FDS - Security Cameras Installation Orange County?

Best Professional

Our team consists of certified professionals with extensive industry knowledge.

Always Honest

We know security is a sensitive topic — so we never compromise on it. Our mission is to give you the maximum security you want.

Your Security, Our Priority

We value your security more than everything. Every project we do is built to make our customers feel secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure top-notch service quality, we only take charge of installing security systems that we build in-house in collaboration with our providers.

Absolutely. We can craft a unique, tailored wiring infrastructure to make sure you’re on the peak security level 24/7.

No, we don’t. We obtain high-quality, industry-leading camera systems from our trusted partners. 

Yes, all of our security cameras come with infrared (IR) technology, enabling them to see and record in the dark. 

Absolutely. We are always here to assist you with your security system if something goes wrong. 

Yes. As part of our remote CCTV monitoring service, our professionals can monitor your security 24/7.

Reviews from our satisfied client

Advantages of Choosing Us

We Are Easy to Work With

We live the CCTV life — that’s why we’re well-aware of how to develop top-notch systems for customers with unique requirements.

We Are Professionals

Our team includes certified professionals who know everything about the industry. 

We Are Trustworthy

We are one of the top CCTV security cameras installation companies all across Orange County. 

We Value Your Security

We value your safety and security more than anything; that’s why we never compromise on it. 

We Offer Competitive Prices

Even though our services are one of the best in the market, our pricing model is humble — making sure our services are available to more customers.

We Aare There For You

Whenever you need assistance with your security system, our team of technicians will be there to help you out. 

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