Tired of losing locally stored recording data? We have the solution! An IP camera doesn’t rely on a local device to store recordings. Instead, it transfers them to your local network automatically. That’s right, every bit of recording is transferred to on-network storage in real-time. 

Types of HD IP Cameras

Our product portfolio includes high-quality IP cameras too. Here are the available options:

4MP Cameras

Our 4MP IP cameras record at a crisp resolution. The output files are clearer and have much better details when compared to a standard 2MP camera. You can recognize faces and read number plates from afar.

PTZ Camera:

A Pan-Tile-Zoom camera, simply known as a PTZ camera, can be controlled by you remotely. You can pan it, tilt it 360 degrees, or optically zoom in to get a clear image. As it’s an IP camera, the footage is transmitted to your local network via internet protocol.

Wifi HD IP Cameras

As the name suggests, our WiFi IP cameras record in high definition, then transmit the footage over WiFi to a streaming service. Your building’s internet connection is utilized to send and receive the footage.

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