4CH 1080P HD

8CH 1080P HD

16CH 1080P HD

32CH 1080P HD

A CCTV camera cannot store the recorded videos on a storage device itself, you need a DVR for that. A DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is a device that takes the footage captured by security cameras and stores it on a media device or server. The latest alteration in the world of DVRs is the HD version — which, as the name suggests, supports recording in HD resolutions. Our product line is a one-stop shop for all your CCTV needs, that’s why we’re selling high-quality DVRs too!

Why Buy From Us?

At FDS, we only sell the top-of-the-line DVRs that need little-to-no maintenance and work effectively for a lifetime. Furthermore, our DVRs even support older cameras!

That means if you only want to upgrade your DVR and keep your existing cameras, our HD DVRs are the way to go. Our DVRs will seamlessly transfer your recordings to storage devices, so you can view them from any device later on. 

Last but not least, our High Definition Digital Video Recorders come at market-competitive prices, ensuring they are available to a wide set of customers. 

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Types of HD DVRs

We have four types of High Definition Digital Video Recorders available. You can be sure that each one of these offers HD images and great quality of footage. Moreover, they are affordable and we make it easy to find and buy these cameras right here in our store.

  • 4CH 1080P HD
  • 8CH 1080P HD
  • 16CH 1080P HD
  • 32CH 1080P HD

Buy one of these HD-DVRs now, and head to the check out immediately.

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