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2MP Camera

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HD Cameras

The quality of your security footage matters! We can’t rely on SD quality cameras in 2021, that’s why we are introducing HD CCTV solutions at affordable prices. 

Our HD cameras take high-quality videos with clear footage. Observing activity and noting down suspicions could never be easier. 

Check out one of the following two HD cameras and pick the one that fits your needs.

2MP Camera

Our 2MP cameras have 80 degrees field of view, meaning you will never miss an important activity through these cameras again. 

These cameras take footage in 1080p Full HD quality. However, If you’re not satisfied with the recorded quality, you can amplify the footage even further.

Our 2MP cameras come in two variants:

  • IP HD Cameras of 1080P
  • HDCVI Cameras of 1080P

PTZ Camera

If you want manual control over your camera, our PTZ solution might be the best option for you. 

PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras can be handled remotely and can change their orientation based on your needs. Furthermore, you can zoom as far as 30 times with the 30x optical zoom capability. 

Last but not least, our PTZ cameras have IR technology, meaning you can watch and record night-vision footage. 

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