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Whether you’re looking to get a two-way communication hub installed in your house, or want a fully-fledged multi-way system for your business — CCTV FDS got you covered!

Make day-to-day communication easier with FDS’s top-quality intercom solutions

An intercom, sometimes also known as a doorway device or talkback phone, is a handy communication system for solo or sister buildings. It makes day-to-day communication much easier for the personnel. 

At FDS, we pride ourselves on our trustworthy intercom solutions that work for small residential projects, medium-sized businesses, and larger corporations alike. 

Choose your preferred type of intercom and let us handle the rest

Our product portfolio includes many types of intercoms, including wireless, wired, two-way, and video intercoms. 

Browse through our products and let us know your preferences, we will install your preferred system on short notice. 

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