64CH and UP

As you need a DVR to save your analog camera’s recordings, you need an NVR to save your IP camera’s recordings. 

An NVR, an abbreviation for Network Video Recorder, is used to store video recordings captured by an IP camera.

DVR vs. NVR — What’s the difference?

There’s a key difference between a DVR and an NVR. DVRs have special processing hardware used to process the data received from an analog camera. An NVR doesn’t have the same processing hardware, because it doesn’t need it. An IP camera processes the files itself, before sending them to the NVR. 

Our product portfolio also includes HD IP NVRs — capable of receiving and storing high-definition footage. 

Connect anywhere from 4 to 64 cameras

NVRs have “channels” that define how many cameras you can connect with them simultaneously. More channels mean you can have a larger infrastructure of cameras in your system. 

At FDS, we sell NVRs with channels ranging from 4 to 64 — providing you with the ultimate flexibility and scalability. 

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