Harness the power of our top-tier thermal camera for maximum accuracy

Thermal cameras save your home or workplace from the spread of harmful diseases by putting in a temperature barrier. 

You can use a thermal camera to measure the body temperatures of individuals. Then, use the measured temperatures to prohibit personnel from entering your premises. However, be noted that thermal cameras are not a replacement for medical equipment and can’t be used to diagnose or treat patients. 

Our high-end thermal cameras work in collaboration with a top-notch AI NVR to support seamless, contactless, non-invasive comparison of human body temperatures. 

Why use FDS’s thermal camera?

High Accuracy

Our thermal cameras measure with an accuracy of ±3℃.

Quick And Easy

Measure temperatures with high efficiency.

Contactless Measurements

Measure temperatures from a safe distance.

Face Mask Detection

Detect face masks with an accuracy of up to 95%

Multi-Targeted Measurements

Measure temperatures of up to 35 individuals simultaneously.

In a nutshell

Measure temperatures with high accuracy

No need for physical contacts

Measure temperatures of multiple people at once

Get alerted when abnormal temperatures are detected

Leverage our top-tier solution to measure body temperatures with extreme accuracy and efficiency

Our high-end thermal camera is the top pick for larger corporations who want the best system to filter out individuals with high body temperatures. 

With more than 95% accuracy, you can rest assured no one with an abnormal body temperature enters the premises of your private property or business. 

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